Save Rhinelander Now!

  • Our partnership with Children’s Aid Society will end June 30, 2014.
  • Our goal is to continue Rhinelander’s 25 year mission of offering excellent and affordable childcare programming to middle and lower income families in the Upper East Side.
  • We would like to find an angel to buy our building and rent back to us if possible.
  • If we don’t find an angel, we will need funds to relocate, renovate and continue programming in the neighborhood.
    • Donations of any amount is welcomed and very much needed.
    • Donors contributing $500 or more will have their name placed in the new location.
  • We will have a series of fundraisers in the coming months to raise funds.
    • These fundraisers are for the continuation of Rhinelander and separate from any that the Children’s Aid Society may be doing.
  • The total amount raised by January 2014 will let us know if we can continue.
    • Time is of the essence, so please kindly donate now.
  • Thank you for your support.

For more information please read the full letter here and read the FAQs.